Remedial Measure

The Hindu system believes in past Karma which again cannot be changed, but the present Karma can be controlled through certain remedies.  Analysing ones chart the area of strengths and weaknesses of planets is identified.  Suitable remedial measure or Parihara  which may help to lessen the intensity of a tough planetary period or malefic planetary effect is advised. This may help to overcome the obstacles and difficult situations.

Parihara are in many forms of which we advice:

MANTRA chanting, fasts, temple visits, daana (charity), homas, poojas, Yantras.

MANTRA CHANTING:  The Vedic syllables when chanted in specific rythmn with specifc sounds the sound waves help in soothng the nerves and relax muscles.  Regular chanting helps to touch the deepest level of oneself thereby bring him close to his aim or attainment of said desires. Mantras chanted soulfully and sincerely   help to derive best results.

FASTING :  This helps to increase energy, calmness, improved concentration and a feeling of well-being.

TEMPLE VISITS:   Temples are places of abundance of positive energy which helps in all angles.

DAANA:   Donor who benefits from the act of giving.  Daana yields benefits in the present life and in lives to come whether or not we are aware of this fact, but when volition is accompanied by understanding, we can greatly increase the merits earned by our gifts.

HOMAS:  Yagna gives benefits like good health, wealth prosperity, longevity, food, wealth, fame, success, strength etc., Removal of fear ailment, danger, defeat in the hand of adversaries etc., By performing  yagna, evil planetary influences are removed.

NAVAGRAHA HOMA:   To appease the malegfic effect of nine planets.
MRITYUNJAYA HOMA  : To avoid Apamrityus ( untimely deaths ) & to improve longevity.
PUTRA KAMESHWARA HOMA:   For blessings of progeny for childless couples

KAALA SARPA DOSHA NIVARTHANA HOMA: for removal of Kaala sarpa dosham
SHANESHWARA DOSHNIVARTHANA HOMA : for removal of Shaneshwara dosham
SRI SUKTA HOMAM: for blessings of  Goddess Lakshmi
MAHA DHANVANTRI HOMAM:   For release from incurable diseases, poor health , different kinds of weaknesses, allergies etc.
SWAYAMVARA PARVATHI HOMAM: Towards blessings of early marriage.

The above mentioned homas can also be performed in the form of pujas.    Other pujas  are also performed as required by the chart.

 Yantra is a geometric design which acts  as a highly efficient tool for concentration and meditation  Yantras help to connect to the divine energies inside oneself.  Yantras as suitably required by the homa or puja are initiated and given.